Top 5 Fitness Trends You Should Follow


There are many health benefits when it comes to fitness, including a decreased risk of preventable disease, weight loss, mood improvement and pain relief. This article will delve into the 5 top fitness trends and how you can incorporate them into your life so you can become healthier, happier and thinner.

Wearable Technologies

One of the best ways to help you keep track of your fitness levels and be reminded of your fitness goals is wearable fitness technology. There are numerous choices, including a Fitbit, Fuelband or pedometer. Each of these helps you determine the amount of exercise you are getting throughout the day. Some of the more advanced technologies can also tell you your heart rate, number of calories burned and more. Wearing a fitness tracker is a great reminder to get the exercise your body needs. This, coupled with a food journal or calorie tracker, can help you effectively lose weight and get in shape.


Yoga has been used for centuries to help improve flexibility and fitness. There are beginner classes as well as advanced classes. In addition to choosing a class based on your fitness levels, there are also different types of yoga, including hot yoga, Hatha, and power yoga. Hatha combines poses and breathing techniques to improve flexibility, balance, and relaxation. Power yoga is a fast-paced yoga that helps build strength, while increasing your flexibility and balance. Finally, hot yoga, also known as Bikram, improves flexibility. Yoga is an awesome way to boost your mood, improve flexibility and get fit.

Personal Fitness Coaches

A personal fitness coach works one on one with you to develop a fitness routine based on your personal fitness levels. The fitness trainer will teach you the proper way to exercise and what to eat and when to eat to help you reach your weight loss goals. There are many options when it comes to a personal fitness coach. You can hire an individual to meet you at your home or other location, or you can find a fitness coach at a local gym that can work with you to develop a routine fitness custom tailored to your fitness levels and weight loss goals.

Functional Fitness for the Aging Adult

If you or someone you love is getting older and are at an increased risk of falling, functional fitness may be just what the doctor ordered. Functional fitness, also known as balance training, works to increase your strength, which will help reduce the risk of falls. There are many options when it comes to functional fitness. A physical therapist, occupational therapist, a senior center exercise class or a fitness gym often offers functional fitness classes to help strengthen your body and improve balance.

Interval Training

Interval training is a type of fitness training where you alternate between different activities. Each of these activities has different activity levels. For example, interval training may begin with stretching for 5 minutes, and then a burst of high-intensity exercise, such as running, kickboxing or aerobics exercise for a few minutes, then you have a period of lower intensity exercise, such as weightlifting or gentle stretching. Interval training helps improve metabolism to help you lose weight successfully.

Are you looking to improve your health, lose weight and feel great? If so, try one of the top fitness trends listed above. Soon, you will be rewarded with a body you can be proud of and have a pep in your step.

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